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Court Transcript Proofreading Services

     I recognize and take very seriously the fact that your name and reputation attaches to every transcript you produce, so attention to detail, excellent customer service and communication is a top priority. 

   I proofread court transcripts for correctness, consistency, and content. I do proof to exhibits and welcome receiving them along with the transcript to ensure the titles, quoted portions, references, etc. are correct and complete. 

     I value your time and commitments and I will always (and as immediately as I can) acknowledge receipt of a job and advise you of any (if any) possible delay, scheduling conflict or other problem in returning it when you need it. You will never be surprised with an "I can't get to it" message at the eleventh hour.

     My work relies on the principles of Morson’s English Guide for Court Reporters and The Gregg Reference Manual, and I'm happy to work with the standards and preferences held by you or your agency.  

    I proofread on PDF documents using an iPad and iAnnotate.  Transcripts received in PDF format allow me to mark annotations directly onto the pages and lines where they apply, so no Errata sheet is necessary. No Errata sheet means, for me, that my eyes never leave the page and I can stay wholly focused on your transcript. For you, it means your time spent reviewing my annotations and making changes is reduced drastically and you're able to turn the job in much quicker. (Not familiar with what iAnnotate notations look like? Check out these samples HERE.)

      My motto is: Excellence is in the details.  If I may commit my proofreading skills to help ensure you a transcript, and a professional reputation, of excellence, please contact me today.  

Looking forward to working together!


Standard Service
$0.45 per page*

Turnaround 48 hours after receipt, Saturdays & Sundays and major holidays excluded**

Rush Service
$0.60 per page

Turnaround 24 hours after receipt and/or on Saturday or Sunday, major holidays excluded**

Expedited Service
$0.80 per page

Turnaround under 24 hours 

from receipt

Other important information . . .

*Rates: I recognize that the going rate for proofreaders varies across the U.S. and internationally. I am sure you will find that I am THAT good (check out the testimonials on my About Me page); however, if my rates are not in line with your current proofreader or the standard in your area, I'd be happy to consider meeting them or attempting a compromise.

Free Pages: Pages (such as the Appearance or Exhibits page) that are left b​lank or contain no substantive information to proof, and pages of testimony that contain fewer than 5 lines of type are not included in the service fee.

Stated rates are based on transcripts/jobs having up to 26 lines per page. For transcripts having over 26 lines per page, an upcharge may apply.

Transcripts longer than 250 pages may require an extended turnaround time.  No upcharge applies for longer transcripts, but receiving a heads-up and then chunks/sections of the job is appreciated.

Jobs received between 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. are "clocked in" as if received at 8:00 a.m.

**Possible Saturday/Sunday and/or 24-48 hour return at no additional charge: My schedule permitting, I may (and often do) return Standard (48hr. non-Sat/Sun) jobs on a Saturday or Sunday and/or between 24 and 48 hours after receipt. If I choose to do this, however, you pay only the requested Standard rate. (Jobs that MUST be returned on a Saturday or Sunday or under 48 hrs. are Rush or Expedite, depending on when they're received and/or need to be returned.)

Upcharge for "Dirty" Jobs:  While I'm happy to accept jobs that are not scoped, not ready for proofreading, and/or which require an inordinate amount of time and annotations (that I call "dirty" jobs) whether that's how you generally work or it's the situation on a particular job, I do reserve the right to assess a service upcharge of between $0.05 and $0.15 per page. 

Billing and Payment: 

• No contract is required. I welcome receiving one-off, sporadic and overflow or regular, monthly work and clients.

• Invoices are e-mailed on the first of the month for all work done during the previous month; payment is due in full within thirty 30 days.

• Payment may be made by Google Wallet/Google Pay, PayPal, Venmo, Chase Zelle, or good ol' check in the mail. 

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